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Rafael Toral - Space Solo 1 - LP


***100 pressed on 200g plasma vinyl***
***400 pressed on 200g transparent red vinyl***

Space Solo 1 is Rafael Toral’s second release in his ongoing Space Program, a venturesomely bold series of recordings.  Internationally acclaimed for his experimental drone and ambient guitar work, the Space Program is completely divergent from his past output.  Equipped with handmade instruments, Toral’s current project is a performance-based discipline, which he calls “post-free jazz electronic music.”
Following the Space Program’s inaugural release, Space (TAIGA 1 2xLP / Staubgold 69 CD), Space Solo 1 presents a raw exploration of a select few instruments Toral designed for the series.  In contrast to Space, which consists of thoughtfully layered recordings from various live and studio performances, Space Solo 1 presents unaccompanied instruments traveling through unfamiliar territories where sounds exist in their singularity.
The result grabs at the listener to stay alert, tiptoeing around silent moments, increasingly mounting tension and inspiring awe.  As each instrument hints at a particular language belonging only to itself, Toral’s masterful playing is revealed as an instinctual process.  Space Solo 1 is 44 minutes of otherworldly splashing, ripping, beeping, hissing, etc.  An indefinite number of sounds carefully coaxed from unique instruments, drawing a blurry line between ancestral and futuristic.
Originally released on CD by Quecksilber in 2007, Space Solo 1 is now available on LP through TAIGA records.  This deluxe audiophile version was mastered direct to metal, pressed on 200g transparent red virgin vinyl and is presented in a limited edition of 500 copies.  The jacket was cleanly designed by Helder Luís at No Type, featuring the Rui Toscano drawing from the CD version printed on reversed stock and a pantone red flood in the pocket.