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Kayo Dot - Coyote - LP

$21.00 / Sold Out

***400 pressed on 200g black vinyl***

Available at Forced Exposure

Originally released on CD by Hydra Head in Spring 2010, TAIGA records now presents the deluxe vinyl version of Kayo Dot’s melodramatic masterpiece “Coyote.” The album was mastered for vinyl by Mell Dettmer, cut direct to metal and pressed on 200g virgin vinyl with full-color labels featuring artwork by Toby Driver. The LP features alternate artwork from the CD version and is packaged in custom letterpress materials as an edition of 750. Printed on 200lb art paper, the letterpress jacket has notches at the opening where the ends of a 28 x 7 inch belt tuck in. The belt has more of Driver’s art printed in offset full-color on the inside with letterpress printing on the outside.

“Coyote,” Kayo Dot's fourth studio album, is a single, narrative-driven, long-form composition written with story and text provided by a close, terminally-ill friend of the band, Yuko Sueta, in the final stage of her life. “Coyote” was engineered by Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth, Six Organs of Admittance) in Seattle, Washington, forging a new genre of 'goth fusion,' which combines elements of early Cure, Faith And The Muse, and Bauhaus with Herbie Hancock's psychedelic album, “Sextant,” and Scott Walker's recent album, “The Drift.” The lyrics and story were constructed with deliberate melodrama to pay homage as well to the intended gothic vibe, expressing the protagonist's loneliness and longing to be in a better place, and her journey through her own personal looking-glass into a hallucinatory world of fear and wonder.

“’Coyote’ is a 40-minute narrative composition that swirls with cooing violins, whining trumpets, jangling xylophones, and haunting blasts of cosmic debris--easily [Kayo Dot’s] most cohesive, heavy-hitting and best album yet. Influenced by early '80s goth and Herbie Hancock's more psychedelic excursions, ‘Coyote’ is a mini-suite that's at once punishing, sad and gloriously free.” - The Village Voice

“Trust us when we say that countless otherwise sage people have sacrificed years of their lives trying to accurately summarize the music of Kayo Dot. Singer, composer and chief conceptualist Toby Driver once allied himself with doom metal’s experimental wing. But over the course of three extraordinary studio albums made with ever-shifting lineups, Kayo Dot has become a protean entity that draws equally upon goth rock, free jazz, prog, contemporary classical music and much, much more.” - Time Out NY