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Bryce Beverlin II - Seizing Fate by the Throat - LP


***300 pressed on 200g black vinyl***

Also available at Forced Exposure

Bryce Beverlin II is a prolific, multidisciplinary artist based in Minneapolis. His primary discipline is music - specifically, freely improvised vocals and percussion. Seizing Fate by the Throat is a distillation, the spirit of 15 years of spittle and brass vapors collected in this studio recording from March 14, 2010.

Quietly tinkering with an array of metal, plastic and wooden objects, Beverlin draws the listener in only to reveal that he is unlocking the cage of a life-threatening animal. Suddenly: gnash, gurgle, grunt, the sounds of saliva smacking on hand peeled lips. His performances overwhelm, frighten and suck the air out of the room, exorcising burden and frustration. This recording captures every detail in extreme close-up from inside the artist's mouth to the tips of his fingers.

Mastered by James Plotkin, cut direct to metal and pressed on 200 gram virgin-vinyl, Seizing Fate by the Throat comes packaged in a full-color gloss varnished jacket with spot metallic printing and liner notes printed in the pocket. Limited to 300 and co-released with Beverlin’s label Insides Music, Taiga has only 150 copies for mailorder and distribution.

Beverlin has been integrally involved in the underground musical community of Minneapolis for nearly a decade and has curated the weekly Tuesday Night series for free improvisation. In addition to performing solo, he currently plays percussion in cacophanous improvisation trio Squid Fist with C.Deming and T.Glenn, plays drums in post hardcore/power violence trio Scaphe with bassists N.Johnson and C.Holtz, and creates horror noise under the moniker ICE VOLT.